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Are you interested in being interviewed on Epic Love Magazine?

We are interested in interviewing successful wedding photographers. And success is different for every person and photographer. So it could be wedding photographers who have won industry awards, have a huge social media following, shoot celebrities, are educators of other photographers, have had great financial success. It could be photographers who always get amazing client reviews, photographers that are doing things differently or photographers who are quietly ‘masters of their craft’ and deserve to be recognized.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are interviews conducted?

Interviews are done via email. So we will send you a list of questions and you can complete them at your leisure, in your pjs.

Is it always the same questions?

We have a set list of questions but would also like to give photographers the freedom to expand the list and explore other areas. Particularly if they are sharing valuable or important information.

Does it cost any money to be featured?

No, there is no cost involved. We will not be charging photographers any money to be interviewed and featured on our website.

We hope to gain sponsors in the future when our website matures.

What are the benefits of being interviewed?

We believe it will be great publicity and exposure for you and your photography business. Not only now but for years into the future as couples seek to find out about you.

By linking to your interview, it will show potential clients that you are a leader in the wedding industry. It will showcase you and your work to the industry and to clients. And we will naturally link to your website and socials so that couples can get in contact with you.

There are really no downsides to being interviewed.