Hendra Lesmana


Hendra Lesmana – Indonesia

I am an Indonesian wedding photographer based in Jakarta, a visual learner who has been in the industry since 2010. I love everything about creativity!

What inspired you to start your photography business? 

For a long time, I’ve always wanted to have a job which is not a regular job that can be replaced when I quit/die. I’ve found it in this wedding photography business, Inspired by my Mom’s wedding photo which me and my kids can still enjoy. 

Tell us about your photography business?

This year is my 11th year,  and like I said earlier I’m based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I shoot mostly in Indonesia since we have a lot of beautiful destinations such as Bali, Sumba, Komodo Island and many more. I shoot roughly 50 weddings per year.

Hendra Lesmana wedding photographer

What inspires you artistically when you shoot weddings or couples?

Everything, I don’t limit myself or my creativity. I let everything I see inspire me.

Tell us about your studio or home office setup?

I have a small studio for production, editing, administration, etc.

Hendra Lesmana wedding photographer

What does a typical non wedding workday for you look like?

Wake up 7-8 am, coffee and breakfast, working on my social media, gaming, etc.

What is a typical wedding day for you?

My typical couple is unique, a couple who don’t wanna have normal wedding photography. My style is more fun and creative. Normal wedding is 16 hours, pandemic wedding depends on government rules.

Hendra Lesmana wedding photographer

 How do you go about getting couples to relax in front of the camera?

I usually met them first before the photoshoot day just to get to know each other and just try to be friends with them.

Can you list the camera gear you bring to a wedding?

I use Nikon Z6 & Z6ii with all the prime lenses24mm35mm50mm85mmand 1 flash and my fav is 35 and 85.

Hendra Lesmana wedding photographer

What is your process for culling and editing your images?

I use Lightroom and Photoshop, I use many presets, currently using my own presets and DVLOP presets. I don’t outsource editing. I have my own in-house editor.

How do most of your couples find you? What marketing do you do for your business?

Social Media, worth of mouth.

Hendra Lesmana wedding photographer

What has been your best business purchase in recent years? 

I recently started to expand to studio business because of the pandemic.

Comparing your business from when you started to now, what has been the main thing that allowed you to succeed?

Consistency and dare to be different. 

Hendra Lesmana

What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in the industry and those who have failed?


What’s the best piece of photography business advice you’ve ever been given?

I always say this in my workshop “normal is boring”.

Hendra Lesmana wedding photographer

What’s the most common rookie mistake when it comes to starting a photography business? What advice would you give them?

They sell cheap to compete. Please don’t, respect yourself, your works, your art before you expect people to respect you.

What are your top 3 wedding venues or destinations that you have photographed?


Danxia – China

Tumpak Sewu – Indonesia. 

Hendra Lesmana wedding photographer

Do you have any bucket list locations you want to shoot?

Turkey, Africa, Bahamas and many more. 

Best places online to view more of your work?

My Instagram: @iamhael

Website: Cheese n Click

Hendra Lesmana wedding photographer